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Wilcox Raid Xe

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Wilcox Raid Xe

The Wilcox RAID Xe is Wilcox’s next iteration in the RAID line of next generation aiming lasers. The RAID Xe uses VCSEL laser technology to produce an amazingly clear IR laser and Ir illuminator.  The Wilcox RAID Xe mounts to any standard picatinny rail. Previous aiming lasers have used edge emitting laser technology. This can cause irregularities in the illuminator, often referred to as amebas. VCSEL technology is a center emitting laser which produces a much cleaner beam over legacy edge emitting laser diodes.

The RAID Xe is primarily operated with a mode selection dial and fire control button on the top of the unit.  This allows for easy manipulation of the laser functions to fit the environmental need. The RAID XE can also be operated with an included proprietary tape switch.

In addition to a very clean illuminator, the Raid Xe has a much smaller footprint than legacy laser aiming devices. This makes the laser easier to run ambidextrous and increases compatibility with other accessories. The controls are also in improved locations.

The illuminator has both flood and extended throw illuminator modes so the Wilcox RAID Xe can be adjusted for different environmental conditions. The illuminator divergence adjustment is in the rear so the operator can adjust on the fly without breaking a master grip. This is key when manipulating a gun at night.

Our favorite feature of the Wilcox Raid Xe is the ability to manually adjust the output of the laser and illuminator independently of each other. This allows user run a more powerful illuminator but setting the laser to a level where the target is not bloomed out.

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  • One optical bench houses either red or green VIS laser, NIR laser and adjustable NIR VCSEL illuminator
  • Adjustable NIR VCSEL illuminator and wide angle fixed NIR VCSEL Room illuminator project precise, speckle-free beams for extreme clarity and optimal combat identification
  • Fixed NIR room illuminator provides 40o flood capability
  • Optical bench is aligned to the weapon by one windage
    and one elevation adjustment
  • Powered by one (1) CR123 3V battery providing approximately 8 hours of product usage at max settings
  • Mounts to any 1913 Picatinny rail secured by 2 shock nuts
  • Multi-function keypads provide flexibility in programing custom options
  • Five (5) selectable pulse modes on VIS/NIR lasers settings
  • On-the-fly laser brightness adjustment
  • Security tethered loop tie down
  • Remote port accepts Wilcox line of ERGOCTO® Xe Activation Keypads and ERGOCTO Xe Control Grips (optional)
  • ERGOCTO Xe Activation Keypads provides three user defined functions regardless of switch position

**User interchangeable modular visor/laser safety cover


Low Power

Immersion 1 meter for 1 hour
Boresight Retention <.5 mrad
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Red Visible Laser/640nm/3mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Infrared Laser/850nm/3.5mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Infrared Illuminator/840nm/25mW

High Power

Immersion 1 meter for 1 hour
Boresight Retention <.5 mrad
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Red Visible Laser/660nm/75mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Green Visible Laser/520nm/12mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Infrared Laser/850nm/30mW
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power* Infrared Illuminator/ 840nm/min 50mW – USA 840nm/max 50mW – Europe

* Nominal Output Power is subject to +/-10% tolerance.
For Laser Safety use Nominal Output Power + 20%.


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