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Frequently Asked Questions

-Do we offer financing?

We do not offer financing.

-Do we offer a leo / military discount?

We do not offer discounts.  We strive to provide the absolute best products available, with the best customer support, at a consistent price for everyone.  We are not here to be the cheapest, we are here to be the best.

-Should I go with bridged PVS-14's or a binocular system?

Both dual PVS-14s and night vision binoculars both have pro’s and con’s to each setup.  We recommend dual PVS-14’s when the user has a need for flexibility with their system.  Dual PVS-14’s offer the ability for a user to break one off and hand to a friend or use as a handheld.  However, dual PVS-14’s are substantially heavier than a goggle system and have separate power supply’s as each unit has their own.  PVS-14’s have manual gain control so each gain setting will have to be independently set to adjust brightness.  If the need for flexibility outweighs these cons, then bridged PVS-14’s are a good option.

If the user doesn’t have the need for the flexibility dual monoculars offer, then a true binocular goggle system is likely a better choice.  A true goggle system has a single power supply, is significantly lighter, and provides an all around more rigid system.

Overall when done correctly both dual PVS-14’s and Binos cost about the same when comparing the same tubes.

-Are the items listed on your website in stock?

All in stock items are listed as in stock on the product page.  If a product is listed as in stock it is in our inventory and will ship within 48 hours.  If night vision is not listed as in stock there is an average lead time of 60-90 days.  Please contact us for current lead time on specific products.

-How much light can my night vision take and how do I avoid light damage?

Light damage is very environment driven.  We wrote a whole article on Light Damage discussing the causes, how to avoid it, and the types of damage.  You can read the Light Damage Article Here

-There are tiny black spots in my night vision, is this normal?

Spots are a completely normal part of the night vision manufacturing process.  So much so that each tube has a spot spec it is held to from the factory.  The three main common spot specs are a Commercial, Milspec, and Aviation in order from the loosest to the strictest spot spec.  We primarily use only aviation grade tubes because we demand the best.  To learn more about spots and spot spec we have a tube cosmetics article.