Warranty Information

New Night Vision devices assembled by Licentia Arms will carry a limited lifetime warranty.  This limited lifetime warranty will cover the housing system of your unit against defects, for life of the unit, for the original purchaser.  This warranty will only cover the image intensifier tube for 2 years from date of purchase.  It is up to the sole discretion of Licentia Arms Co to determine if a product issue is defective in nature or caused by negligence of the user.  In the event that a defect is covered by this warranty, Licentia Arms Co, at their sole discretion, will either repair or replace the product.  This will be the only remedy offered, no refunds will be given.

This warranty does not cover: 

  • Negligence
  • Products used in an abnormal manner
  • Abuse of the product
  • Items that were altered or modified
  • Items repaired by anyone other than Licentia Arms Co
  • High Light, laser, or over exposure burns
  • Glass breakage from drops or impacts

It is the customers responsibility to understand night vision can be damaged from high light exposure, lasers, and daytime use.  We do not warranty any light damage to the tube.  Licentia Arms recommends to store your night vision without batteries to avoid accidental high light damage and battery corrosion.  It Is the customers responsibility to understand the capabilities of night vision to avoid damage to their image intensifier tube.

No other warranties will be applied other than this warranty, including oral, written, or implied.

Finished Goods:

Licentia Arm Co also sells finished goods that are built and assembled by other manufacturers (example: KAC PVS-30, Wilcox G24).  These items will be covered under the manufacturers warranty and will be warrantied directly through the manufacturer.