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Our Story

Licentia Arms Co. is a high end night vision company specializing in both helmet mounted and clip on night vision devices.


Licentia Arms Co. is an industry leading night vision manufacturer founded to push the boundaries of electro-optics. We have a deep passion and extensive knowledge of night vision optical devices with an obsessive pursuit of perfection and innovation.  We are built on the principles of quality and precise production. Our state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing and design facility allows us to manufacture consistent products to meet the strict needs of our customers.

Our customers include the U.S. military, law enforcements, and the commercial customers that demand the best.

At Licentia Arms Co., our goal is to continually raise industry standards and produce night vision optical devices and complimentary equipment that enables our customer to do more, in stricter environments, with better operational success.  We are dedicated to setting the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship with a deliberate, meticulous approach to night vision manufacturing.

Using only the most advanced components, state of the art equipment, and precise manufacturing techniques enables us to create technical products that can be trusted to work in all environments.


Not only does Licentia Arms Co. seek to offer the highest quality products available today, we strive to be a the largest and most trusted source for night vision educational content.  We believe that with a more educated consumer, customers demand more from their products, which creates a stronger, more advanced industry as whole.

Licentia Arms Co. publishes data driven articles and videos to educate the customer and industry on key topics that surround night vision and electro-optics.  Our mission is to provide the tools necessary so consumers can purchase the right devices, understand how to use those devices, and know the differences of various systems the market offers.

Our Approach

We believe night vision and electro-optics are highly application driven.  The devices we manufacture and sell are purpose built for specific performance goals.  We take a custom approach to consult our customers on the pros/ cons of each device, their limitations, and where they excel.  Combined with extensive experience and the educational platform that we have built, our customers can buy smarter and more deliberate to meet their specific needs.