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[email protected] | (502) 234-4444

[email protected] | (502) 234-4444

Our Story

Licentia Arms Co. is a high end night vision company specializing in both helmet mounted and clip on night vision devices.

Licentia Arms is a high end night vision company with a deep passion and extensive knowledge of night vision optical devices and other electro-optics.  We manufacture, repair, and maintain a wide array of systems for government and commercial clients.

Noticing a lack of information available surrounding night vision technology, accompanying gear, and how to implement that gear to increase operational success, Licentia Arms began with a mission of education and raising standards in the industry. 

Licentia Arms strives to be a resource to educate our customers on not only the benefits of night vision but also what they should be looking for when purchasing night vision.

Not only do we seek to offer the best products available today, we also seek to educate the consumer on considerations when making their purchase decision.  We hold our products to the highest standards and can customize products to fit any need. We believe night vision is highly application driven and we take a custom approach to get our customers the gear that they need, while not wasting money on items or features that may not be needed for a specific task. With hardly any easily accessible published information about night vision, we decided we could do better.


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