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Wilcox G69 Mount


Wilcox P/N: 28300G69

Wilcox G69 Mount

The Wilcox G69 mount is a lightweight and low profile night vision helmet mount that features an integrated low profile three-hole shroud. The Wilcox G69 mount provides rock solid attachment for night vision goggles, bridges, or j-arms with a dovetail interface. The mount is a direct bolt on replacement for any standard three hole shroud. When installed, the g69 shroud will have enough clearance between the helmet for Opscore SF users to retain their Opscore bungee on the G69 mounts integrated shroud. The G69 kit comes standard with the integrated mount / shroud, a Wilcox lanyard, and mounting hardware.

The Wilcox G69 mount provides a wide range of adjustment to allow for proper eye position. The mount provides height adjustment, cant adjustment, and eye relief adjustment. This allows the user to both raise and lower their night vision, as well as, adjust the angle and distance of the night vision to the eye for a proper full field of view and eye relief.

The Wilcox G69 mount is great for both binocular night vision goggles, as well as, monoculars. We recommend the G69 for any user who does not have the need for a breakaway feature but is looking for a low profile solution. This mount provides a long term option as users can switch from a monocular with a dovetail j-arm, to a bridge system, to a binocular setup without changing their mount.

*Please note – anodizing color can vary slightly by batch*

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in


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