L3 PVS-14
L3 PVS-14
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L3 PVS-14


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-L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor 20UA: IN STOCK

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Licentia Arms L3 PVS-14

The Licentia Arms Co. L3Harris PVS-14 is one of the most economical and versatile night vision devices available.  A PVS-14 can be helmet mounted or used as a handheld device.  When helmet mounted, the user has the option of choosing which eye they prefer to use with device.  This leaves the user with one unaided eye.  An unaided eye is beneficial in environments where the user must read ambient lighting conditions. As a result, the user has an increased ability to gauge true lighting conditions.  Because of this the PVS-14 is an excellent choice for urban duty use and those seeking the versatility that a monocular brings.

We are frequently asked, “is a PVS-14 worth getting or should I wait to get Binos?”  Binocular night vision is amazing and has many benefits.  However, PVS-14s have many uses and are a great cost effective way to see at night. PVS-14s are a very capable device and we think that they are a great way to get into night vision.

Gain Control

PVS-14s use 11769 style tubes.  11769 tubes have a gain lead off of the tube for manual gain.  This is a huge benefit when moving between varying lighting conditions as the brightness can be adjusted to the desired level.

PVS-14 Housing Options

PVS-14’s can be manufactured with Milspec polymer housings or up-armored aluminum Knights Armament M14 housings.

Tube Specs

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor – 20UA:

  • FOM: 1792 min.
  • Spot Spec: This option is manufactured with L3 20UA aviation grade tubes.  This is the strictest spot spec available from L3Harris.  These tubes do not have any spots >.003″ in zone 1 or zone 2. Spots </= .003″ are acceptable.

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor – 24UA:

  • FOM: 2160 min.
  • Spot Spec: This option is manufactured with L3 24UA aviation grade tubes.  This is the strictest spot spec available from L3Harris.  These tubes do not have any spots >.003″ in zone 1 or zone 2. Spots </= .003″ are acceptable.

L3 Unfilmed White Phosphor – High FOM:

  • FOM: 2376 min FOM.
  • Spot Spec: This option is manufactured with L3 aviation grade tubes.  This is the strictest spot spec available from L3Harris.  These tubes do not have any spots >.003″ in zone 1 or zone 2. Spots </= .003″ are acceptable.
  • These units are hand selected for the absolute best image quality and spot spec.

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One Standard AA Battery


4.5″(L) x 2.0″(W) x 2.25″(H)

Battery Life

Approx. 50 hours

17 reviews for L3 PVS-14

  1. Dan S.

    Listened to advice from folks who actually use these things and went for the high FOM unit. Best decision ever! Insane clarity and brightness. This is an incredibly beautiful tube, almost completely flawless and easily the most flaw free tube I’ve ever seen, very highly recommended!

    Licentia Arms are communicative and great to work with! Will definitely do more business in the future

  2. Vincent Z

    Purchased a couple for my agency. 8 years of extensive nods time later, this is hands down the cleanest 14’s i’ve used. The unit is built perfectly, no blems or dust in the unit, Licentia had set these up on KAC bridges for me, they even took the time to paint mark the screws. Above and beyond, Myself and my team could not be more satisfied

  3. Andrew Whitehill

    So I had Pirates liberate my gen one nightvision whole I was recovering from a stroke. Providence brought me to Licentia Arms on the IG. When I ordered, I wasn’t able to grasp the dual tube concept , and had to scramble to buy the second 14 and a bridge. It didn’t matter who was answers the phone, I received the best guidance for best results. The quality of the units was far and away better than imagination considered. The bridge you could drive a tank on and it functions flawlessly. I had one issue with one of my tubes going dark. When I called , I was given shipping instructions and off it went . Literally two weeks ( shot show) later my tube arrives, works perfectly. No issues except that I love night driving. And if you get these tubes, get a dbal a3. It really is a tactical advantage I would be lost without. Theses guys are stand up guys who are not going to rip you off. They are responsive and communicate their intentions. They have gone out of their way to make sure you are satisfied, I’m so happy with my kit, there’s no other vendor that’s in the running. Jump now you won’t be sorry.

  4. Zach Pavey

    This is the cleanest and clearest tube i have ever looked through. My device has been nothing but phenomenal and i cannot recommend it more. You will also not find another company with better customer service or owners who care more about making people knowledgeable about not just Night visions but firearms as a whole

  5. Dagan Casas

    These guys are full of knowledge and more than willing to help, I appreciate the level of customer service these guys offer for experienced users and newbies. Quality of my order was phenomenal, I’ll only buy from them.

  6. Chris N

    This was my first time purchasing night vision. I had no idea what I needed or what my options were. I sent Licentia an email outlining what I wanted to use my night vision for. I also emailed three other large night vision dealers at the same time (I wanted to be thorough with such an expensive purchase). I received an email back from Tyler with Licentia in less than 24hrs with his cell number for me to call and discuss options. I never heard back from two of the other three and the third sent me a condescending “Its all personal preference” response.
    I called Tyler and he talked me through my options and gave me pros and cons to every option for my applications. He answered all my questions and explained everything in a way I could understand. He never was pushing a sale or pressuring me into a decision.
    After talking it over I felt educated enough to make my decision an ended up with a phenomenal set of tubes and was not disappointed. They are epic and I could have never felt comfortable dropping that kind of cash without having the opportunity to talk with Tyler.
    Even after the purchase Tyler called me to help me setup my tubes and dial them in for me.
    This is an awesome company that you can feel comfortable buying from.

  7. Tim Lane

    Nothing but respect for these guys, from a newbee to LE and contractor’s, they have you covered.

  8. Matt E

    I ordered my PVS-14 with the unfilmed WP with the High FOM, Knights Armament housing, and regular PVS 14 ocular. The guys were extremely helpful with explaining everything and letting me know what parts were backlogged and what accessories would go well with my unit. I received my PVS14 a couple weeks quicker than they expected and the overall quality of my PVS14 is exceptional. I couldn’t be happier with the product and customer service. I will definitely be ordering from Licentia Arms again in the future.

  9. rvolkmann

    Amazing tube, Tyler knows his stuff! Got my pvs-14 super fast and it’s way clean. Definitely recommend Licentia to everyone.

  10. Pete P

    Good people. First time PVS-14 buyer and I went with the L3 High FOM. Very pleased. Tyler was responsive to all my questions and even included an unexpected upgrade with my shipment. Fast turnaround also. All around great experience.

  11. Joseph Guerra

    Let me start off by saying that the unit I received is nothing short of a super tube. I was seriously blown away. The M14 housing and DEP Ether ocular were also added and they did not disappoint.

    But the real reason I am leaving this review is the CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is where Licentia Arms really shines. I initially called inquiring about wait times after placing an order with another company months prior who still had no ETA on my previously placed order.

    I spoke with Robert who I cannot say enough good things about. He took the time to answer all questions and explain everything from the units to specs to accessories to even some history. I was so blown away by his customer service and passion for this hobby and his company that I canceled my order with the other company and placed a new order with Licentia. I had my unit in hands just a few days later. I could not have been more satisfied.

    If you have questions, do not be afraid to call them up.

    If I could rate this company and product with 6 stars I would. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  12. surplused_arsenal

    As someone who rarely leaves reviews on products. I have to say I’m blown away by the L3 unfilmed white phosphor 22LM PVS-14 tube. It’s definitely the perfect way to get your feet wet in the night vision game. Main reason for writing this review is the incredible customer service anyone can ask for. I was easily guided through different options to see what fit my needs. Also for an in stock product, shipping was 2 days at my door. Who could ask for a faster turn around time?? I was surprised how clear the L3 unfilmed white phosphor 22LM was. Also, I went with the knights armament m14 housing, which is not a disappointment. Tyler is such a great business owner. I know this will be go to place to order anything night vision related from him.

  13. W.Francis

    Been about 3 weeks now since I got my PVS14 and I’m absolutely thrilled with the performance of the tube that was selected to go in my unit. I went with the L3 filmless WP high FOM and they got me an absolute burner. Not to mention Robert was nothing short of top notch dealing with the whole process of walking me thru a few things I was still not versed in as far as specs knowledge. He was as timely as a business owner could be in getting back to me and quick communications on anything I needed. Long story short I will be a customer for as long as Licentia Arms is doing business for anything NV related that I need and if I ever need help I know I have the peace of mind of having guys that take pride in what they do in my corner. Just to throw a lil icing on the cake they included an almost $150 case to store my unit in that I didn’t even order which was a sweet upgrade from the usual cordura bags you get. Absolutely top notch company, products, customer service, and owner. You can deal with these guys with 100% confidence. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Cody Bennett

    Went with the “high fom” option in the m-14 housing.
    Received nearly flawless tube with 35+ SNR and north of 2500 fom. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Licentia for anyone looking for a high quality unit.

  15. Jeremy

    Been using my PVS 14s for about a week now. Very clear tube! First time using white and noticed a lot brighter clearer picture then green. Every time I had a question someone was always there to answer them. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

  16. blackjersey

    By far the best purchase I made this year! I’m glad I went with High FOM, KAC m14 Housing and Dep Ether Ocular and Robert absolutely took care of my questions, my order, and did a lightning fast build turnaround time. The build specs is just nuts! FOM 2981, EBI 1.8 and SNR 41.4 to boot. This is my first PVS-14 and I couldn’t believe how light it is – contrary to what I was thinking. I’m going binos soon but this one will be my baby for now. Thank you Licentia Arms!

  17. Garrett Smith

    I decided on the 24UA tube and was not disappointed. It is crystal clear with no spots whatsoever. LAC was completely transparent and very helpful with any questions I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the L3 tubes and Licentia to anyone.

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