Wilcox J-Arm
Wilcox J-Arm

Wilcox J-Arm


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Wilcox J-Arm

The Wilcox Dovetail PVS-14 J-arm features a dovetail interface shoe which provides a superior mounting solution to bayonet style j-arms. The dovetail provides a rugged and durable connection for mounting a PVS–14 to a dovetail compatible helmet mount. The j-arm easily disconnects from the PVS-14 by means of a thumb screw.

Users can adjust height and angle of the PVS-14 for comfort and proper relief.  PVS-14s are able to be ran in front of either eye the user prefers.  The Wilcox PVS-14 arm moves from one eye to the other by simply pressing a button to unlock the arm. This allows the user to freely move the unit in front of the other eye.  Older bayonet style j-arms are moved by a tension screw, can come loose, and lack durability.  The ease at which the user can move the PVS-14 from one eye to the other allows the user to adapt to their environment while using their unit. Due to the rugged design and superior usability, the Wilcox j-arm is the best overall  j-arm to use with your PVS-14.

We recommend pairing with a G24 mount for the best PVS-14 mounting solution.

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4 reviews for Wilcox J-Arm

  1. LMTiddies

    Ordered this for my personal and issued PVS-14. Did not know about this piece of equipment until licentia arms posted about it.
    I can’t thank them enough with the quick shipping and helping to spread some great knowledge!

  2. Austin

    A must have for anyone running a PVS-14. After the dudes at licentiaarms dropped some knowledge about it on IG I knew it was a must have upgrade!

    Thanks again guys

  3. John Raciti

    Just received my G24 mount and Wilcox Dovetail J-Arm to upgrade from a Rhino II and USGI J-Arm. Yes, they are a bit expensive but it’s a huge upgrade. Rock solid lockup, big range of adjustment, easy to flip from right to left and much lower stow position. I highly recommend this setup.

  4. rvolkmann

    Easy to install on the pvs-14 I got, really like the adjustment and how easy it is to swing from eye to eye.

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