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KVC K-Clips



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KVC K-Clips

K-Clip’s are intended for open source/universal type adaptation in which conversion from a legacy style MUM type interface plate is converted to a modern more versatile dovetail style receiver. The K-Clip adapts in seconds with no modification to the optical device. The use of a standard single point hex set screw secures the K-Clip firmly. Highly adaptive, the K-Clip set can be used individually as an opposing pair aboard one monocular, or as a set split between two monocular devices for side by side use. K-Clip sets includes two (2) individual dovetail adapters, one offset left/one offset right. The K-Clips are designed as head borne adapter components. Although the K-Clips may absorb significant weapon shock the host optic anchor points may not suffice for such duties. Ensure your optic manufacturer has rated both your optic and interface point on your optic specific to your needs before use.

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