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Wilcox PVS-14 Bridge


P/N: 61300G16-B

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Wilcox PVS-14 Bridge 

The Wilcox PVS-14 Bridge Mount is a versatile bridge mount for monocular night vision and thermal imaging devices. The Wilcox PVS-14 Bridge attaches to any standard dovetail helmet mount and allows two monoculars to be ran at the same time to simulate binocular night vision devices. The Wilcox night vision bridge mount works in conjunction with dovetail arms that mount to the PVS-14 or thermal monocular. The arms then easily slide right into the bridge mount to accommodate multiple setups and configurations for mission specific tasks.

The Wilcox bridge mount is fully adjustable with IPD (inter-pupillary distance) adjustment thumb dials on the side of the bridge mount. This allows the user to customize the distance between the bridged monoculars to the users eyes. In addition to the modularity of the dual dovetail arms, the Wilcox bridge mount individually pivots to allow for the independent articulation of each monocular. This articulation range allows a user to run multiple helmet mounted configurations while still using day optics and handheld devices. Each monocular articulates up on the bridge by a force to overcome motion.

The Wilcox bridge works in conjunction with a variety of Wilcox arms and shoe systems for various night vision and thermal monocular devices. The PVS-14 bridge mount uses a dovetail interface and easily mounts to any G24 helmet mount.

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