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The Knights Armament JAMR (J-Arm Modular Replacement) is a more adaptable alternative for other j arm’s on the market. The JAMR is manufactured by Knights Armament Company under their night vision line,Knight Vision Company (KVC). KVC’s whole suite of products aims at providing more modular and adaptable solutions. The biggest difference in the JAMR and other J-arms on the market is how the monocular attaches to the arm. Other J-arms on the market attach via thumb screw directly onto the monocular. This means that to use the monocular with other accessories the j arm has to be unscrewed from the unit. The JAMR does not screw directly into the monocular but rather accepts a dovetail shoe that is attached to the monocular. This shoe not only works with the JAMR but also other KVC accessories such as weapon mounts and bridge mounts. This allows the user quickly and securely deploy the monocular in several capacities in the field.

The JAMR mounts to a helmet with a dovetail and attaches to any helmet mount that can accept a dovetail. The JAMR can be easily switched from one eye to the other via a lever under the arm allowing the monocular to rotate over to the other eye on the center axis of the arm. This is a huge benefit for the user to be able to switch from eye to eye without removing the monocular from the JAMR. The JAMR also features a flush button that allows the monocular to be slid toward or away the users eye for proper eye relief. When the the monocular is slide all the way to the rear of the arm the monocular has 180 degrees of rotation to keep proper orientation when switched from eye to eye.

We recommend the Knights Armament JAMR for both commercial and government clients who want more flexibility and adjustability our of their monocular. The ability to run a single monocular on a full host of products without mounting and un-mounting dedicated mounts directly to the monocular provides an efficient, fast, and durable solution.

The JAMR works in conjunction with dovetail shoes that connect directly to a monocular. The below shoes are required to mount a monocular to the JAMR:

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