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Thyrm Variarc



Thyrm Variarc

The Thyrm Variarc is a helmet mount for flashlights on your ARC rail compatible helmet. The Thyrm Variarc allows the user to mount any pic rail compatible weapon light to their ARC rail helmet. This is especially useful for admin tasks and navigation.

Well equipped night vision helmets have a helmet mounted illumination solution. Being effective at night is not just the ability to use night vision. Effectiveness at night is also dictated on how well someone can work and complete tasks in the dark. Shooters also need to load magazines, read documents, and illuminate items. Some tasks are not well suited for a handheld light or weapon light as most of the time both hands are needed. A helmet mounted light gives the user the ability to throw white light down range while still retaining use of both hands.

The Variarc has positive locking index points to hold your light in 8 different positions rotating a full 360 degrees. This allows the user to throw light in any direction that they wish without the flashlight moving off of that position. In addition, the Variarc also features retention holes on both ends should the user want to wire their light to their helmet. The Variac mounts on any standard arc rail and is constructed of a durable polymer with steel hardware. The overall footprint of the Thyrm Variarc is very low profile and when combined with a Surefire Mini Scout Pro offers the most low profile helmet mounting solution available. Built for ruggedness, the Variarc, and will remain fully functional through extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, water, and impact.


The Thyrm Variarc is compatible with standard 1913 Picatinny Rail Lights such as:

  • Surefire Scout, X300, XH35, Vampire, XC1/2, and similar
  • Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-VIR, TLR-7-8, and similar
  • Arisaka Side Scout Mount (Picatinny)

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