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Knights Armament Skyscraper Mount


KAC PN:32422

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Knights Armament Skyscraper Mount

The Knights Armament Skyscraper Mount is a high rise Aimpoint mount designed to increase situational awareness and operator effectiveness during CQB and shooting in head worn kit. The KAC Skyscraper mount puts the center of the optic 2.33″ above the base of the receiver. This increased height over a traditional lower 1/3 mount allows the user to shoot with a heads up posture giving them more situational awareness and faster target acquisition.

The increased height from the KAC High Rise Mount allows the optic to be use much easier in conjunction with night vision goggles and gas masks. Because night vision and gas masks prevent a traditional cheek weld the taller mount makes it easier to get your eye behind the optic. This is incredibly beneficial with night vision and passive aiming with the red dot. The taller mount makes it easier to pick up the dot with the small field of view of an Aimpoint.

One unique feature of the KAC Skyscraper is the picatinny rail section on the mount located behind the optic. This allows attachment of a standard magnifier lifting it to match the height of the optic. Another great feature that sets the Knights Armament High Rise Mount apart from other high rise mounts on the market is the ability to still use and see iron sights. Because of the increased optic height, the optics window is too high off of the receiver to be able to see iron sights through the optic. Because of this the KAC Skyscraper mount has a window through the mount under the optic to retain use and sight of iron sights.

We recommend the Knights Armament Skyscraper to everyone from civilian to military users. The taller mounts allow users to be more effective both on the flat range and in military use. High rise mounts are faster and give the shooter a wider range of environmental awareness. These are a great way to begin setting up your rifle for use with NVGs.

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2.33in to center of optic


Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum


Aimpoint Models: Comp M5, M5s, T2, T1, H1, H2


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