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Knights Armament Sand Cutter Bolt Carrier


KAC PN:30091-1

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Knights Armament Sand Cutter Bolt Carrier

The Knights Armament Sand Cutter Bolt Carrier is an upgraded bolt carrier to standard m16 bolt carriers. The KAC Sand Cutter features debris channels to allow improved movement and operation in adverse conditions. The Bolt Carriers are finished in hard chrome which increases lubricity over traditional phosphate finishes.

This chrome finish is especially helpful when shooting the host weapon system suppressed. When shooting suppressed there is increased blowback in the weapon system. The harm chrome on the sand cutter allows the weapon to run longer and more reliably over standard carriers.

The Knights Armament Sand Cutter fits all KAC SR-15 / SR-16’s and other standard m4 variants.

We recommend the KAC Sand Cutter for any one running suppressors on their rifles. Suppressors increase blowback in AR’s which means they run dirtier than non-suppressed guns. The KAC Chrome  on the carrier makes it easier to clean and runs smoother than standard bolt carriers. We also recommend the Sand Cutter for anyone who runs their rifle in less than ideal conditions such as dirty and sandy environments.

PLEASE NOTE* this is the bolt carrier only and does not come with a bolt or other BCG parts.  Replacement and spare E3 BCG parts kits available upon request.

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in


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