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Knights Armament AN/PVS-30



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Knights Armament AN/PVS-30

The Knights Armament PVS-30 is a clip-on night vision device that attaches in front of a magnified day scope. This gives the shooter the ability to use their day scope at night. The PVS-30 attaches to a standard 1913 picatinny rail directly in front of the shooters day scope without having to move the day scope and re-zero the optic. This lets the shooter use the same rifle in both daylight and night time conditions. Because the unit is mounted in front of the day scope the shooter avoids changing optics and re-zeroing rifles. This is a huge advantage to using a clip-on solution versus a dedicated night vision scope. The AN/PVS-30 can also be mounted in front of a spotting scope. When used with a spotting scope the user has a night time reconnaissance and spotting solution.

The KAC PVS-30 is designed as a long range solution optimized for 6X – 14X. This allows shooters to easily make consistent target identification out to 800 yds. The PVS-30 can be used on higher magnification, however, the shooter will start to see a decrease in resolution and performance.

The PVS-30 has very intuitive controls which allows the shooter to operate the device with ease based on feel alone. The unit has a power knob that doubles as a gain knob located toward the rear of the unit on the side.  This allows the shooter to turn on the unit while laying or standing behind the gun. The power knob has a detent preventing accidental activation and gives the shooter positive feedback when the unit is turned off.  The Knights Armament PVS-30 has a focus ring toward the front of of the unit which is used to focus the device for engagement distance. Overall, the KAC AN/PVS-30 is very simple and can easily be operated at night.

The housing is constructed with aerospace grade aluminum which is powered by a single AA or CR123 battery.  The PVS-30 is magnum rated and designed to withstand recoil up to .50 BMG.

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