Improved Counterweight Kit
LAC Improved Counterweight Kit

LAC Improved Counterweight Kit


Night Vision Counterweight System

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LAC Improved Counterweight Kit

The Licentia Arms Improved Counterweight Kit is a dual role counterweight system that functions as a night vision counterweight and a secure PVS-31 battery pack holder. Constructed from laser cut laminate Cordura the LAC Improved Counterweight Kit is low profile, has positive retention, offers cable management, and has loop velcro for patches.

Adding a counterweight to the back of a night vision helmet helps balance out weight distribution and improves comfort for the user. However, we believe that if weight is added to a helmet it should serve a purpose. Other counterweight kits on the market either are small and provide only lead weights with no functionality or they are large, bulky, and outdated. The LAC Improved Counterweight Kit allows users to use a loaded 10rd PMAG as their counterweight.  This not only is the perfect weight to balance out a night vision helmet but also offers additional ammunition storage.

In addition to the ability to run a 10rd PMAG, users who use a PVS-31 battery pack can secure them to their helmet without fear of loosing an expensive battery pack.  This not only secures the battery pack, but also protects it while providing cable management solutions. By securing the battery pack cable the user eliminates the need to rig up sub par ways to eliminate snag hazards.

The LAC Improved Counterweight Kit is physically retained on the helmet by both hook velcro and anchors that attach to the rear rail bolts on any helmet. By using high strength shot cord for retention the counterweight kit is universal to all helmets and has two forms of retention. Surrounding the main counterweight compartment there are 6 elastic loops (two on top / bottom & one on each side) to secure chemlights and cables.

Kit Includes:
  • Counterweight pouch
  • Retention tabs & shot cord

**10rd PMAG / PVS-31 battery pack SOLD SEPARATELY**

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10 reviews for LAC Improved Counterweight Kit

  1. Cope

    The improved counterweight kit just works. Don’t overthink it.. it does what you need it to and looks good doing it. Simple. Effective. Beautiful. I have it holding my pvs31 battery pack for my RNVGs on an mtek helmet. Good to go.

  2. Richard B

    The improved counterweight is spot on. Simple design but so well thought out. Had a few I see what you did there moments and am very impressed. Going to order another one for my second lid. New standard.

  3. Louis H

    I wanted something simple, lightweight, low profile but still durable. This counterweight kit does just that. Made of high quality material and really easy to install. 10/10 especially being able to utilize a 10 round pmag that balanced well with DTNVGs. Dont hesitate!

  4. Bryce Bentley

    Great piece of kit! Finally something to replace my tnvc mowhawk, keep up the great work!

  5. Collin Rupp

    The improved counterweight kit is an outstanding addition to any helmet setup. Simple, well made, functional, low profile, and looks excellent! Well done, Licentia Arms, can’t recommend this enough. Get one, you won’t regret it.

  6. Rob

    After using a few different counterweight packs, I got sick of how bulky and sloppy they were. Licentia’s improved counterweight kit has a much slimmer profile that fits a 10rd Magpul P-Mag perfectly. While the slim profile is great, my favorite part of the kit has to be the retention system. The included tabs mount directly into my Team Wendy helmet and provides a much more rigid solution than just relying on some shock cord stuck to some Velcro. Can’t recommend this piece of kit enough!

  7. Jason R

    Great design. Simple to install. And it works well. It holds my 31 battery pack nice and secure to my helmet.

  8. Royce

    Just got mine, excellent construction and works great as a counterweight. Solid option!

  9. John

    Really nice construction and not overly complex can fine tune the weight with more or less rounds but fully loaded 10 round pmag works good for a pvs14 on a bump helmet

  10. Ethan

    Get it you won’t regret it. I do see room for improvement in the design but this is my favorite option available on the market for counterweight.
    I’m a new customer to LA but so far I like the way the do business. I’ll be back. Cheers LA!

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