Elbit White Phosphor F5032


Elbit F5032 Lead Time: approx. 90-120 days

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Elbit White Phosphor F5032

The Elbit  F5032 is an extremely light weight binocular night vision goggle currently being fielded for US military applications.  The unit features an articulating housing with manual gain, on board illuminator, incredible tube resolution, and adjustable diopters.

The Elbit F5032 is run off of an onboard AA battery which provides 30hrs off of a single lithium AA battery.  Because of the light weight design, users do not experience normal neck fatigue like with heavier legacy systems.  This eliminates the need to have extremely heavy counterweight systems that greatly increase the overall weight of the hemet system.  The single power knob turns the unit on / off, controls the onboard illuminator, and controls the gain adjustment.

The Elbit 5032 has an articulating housing with independently rotating optical pods.  This lets the user deploy both tubes or a single tube.  This is especially helpful when users are deploying their 5032’s while using a thermal device or reading natural lighting conditions.  The housing on the Elbit 5032 features individual pod shut off when articulated. This feature protects the tubes from accidental light damage and prevents glow back on the users face.  The optical pod articulation also lets users stow their goggles without having to flip the goggles up on the helmet mount.  This reduces snag hazard and additional height added to the helmet.  This is especially helpful while driving and moving in and out of tight spaces.


The Elbit F5032 uses both Green and White thin filmed tubes at varying tube specifications.  We order our F5032’s standard with 2k minimum FOM Autogated White Phosphor tubes for upmost image quality and low light performance.  These White Phosphor tubes provide incredible clarity, low light and high light performance, and increased depth perception.  These are Elbits’s most advanced intensifier tubes and offers significant performance increases over legacy green phosphor systems.

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Elbit Systems of America




15.9oz (with battery installed)


4.7″(L) x 4.2″(W) x 3.4″(H)


Single AA on board the unit, or (4) AA batteries in the battery pack

Battery Life

-Approx. 10 hours with a single AA battery (on-board)
-Approx. 50 hours with Battery Pack


66ft. for 2 hours


2 year manufacturers warranty


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