Trijicon Reap-IR
Trijicon Reap-IR
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Trijicon Reap-IR


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Trijicon REAP-IR 35mm

The Trijicon Reap-IR 35mm Thermal Optic is a compact and versatile thermal weapon scope.  The REAP uses a 640 x 480, 12um micron BAE Systems thermal core combined with a 35mm Germanium Window to provide awesome image quality.  The Reap-IR has a 60Hz fast frame rate ideal for moving targets.  Digital focus control automatically sharpens the image to enhance clarity and detail.

Heat Detect Modes

The Trijicon REAP-IR has Black Hot, White Hot, and edge detect modes.  White hot / black hot has six polarity modes to allow the user to select the contrast that best fits any environmental condition.  The edge detect mode is used to reduce eye fatigue and maintain more of the natural night vision of the shooter.  In addition to less eye fatigue, edge detect mode puts off a dimmer visible signature to help prevent location detection of the shooter.


The Reap-IR has five different reticle options that automatically adjust between black and white so they do not get washed out when acquiring a target.  In addition to reticle choices, the REAP-IR has the ability to save four independent reticles which allows the user to have four separate zeros for multiple host weapons.  These four independent zeros lets the user to switch the Trijicon REAP-IR from host to host and immediately recall their saved zero.

Stadiametric Range Finder

The REAP-IR has a Stadiametric Range Finder allows users to range targets by setting ranging units and target size.  The ranging reticle is then adjusted to the target and displays the targets range on the display.


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