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Steiner Dual Beam Aiming Laser – DBAL A3



Steiner DBAL-A3

The Steiner DBAL-A3 (DUAL BEAM AIMING LASER) is a compact laser device featuring a focusable 3.9mw IR illuminator, 0.7mW IR laser, and a visible green laser.  Both the IR laser and visible laser on the DBAL-A3 are slaved to make zeroing incredibly easy.  This means that the visible and IR laser are co-aligned so when one is zeroed the other moves with it.  This allows users to easily zero during the day.  Both the IR and Visible laser have high and low setting for use in multiple lighting conditions.

IR Laser

The DBAL-A3 features a .7mw eye safe IR laser.  This IR laser is perfect for aiming as it is not to strong to bloom out the target but powerful enough to easily be picked up 300 yards away.  There are several misconceptions about full power lasers being better.  However, when laser strength is too strong a major blooming effect happens.  This is not a concern with the A3 and provides a crisp and easily identifiable IR laser.

IR Illuminator

The illuminator on the DBAL-A3 sets it apart from other civilian laser models due to its ability to be focused.  Most civilian lasers have fixed illuminators where the width of the throw cannot be adjusted.  This provides users the ability to focus the throw of their illuminator to their needed divergence depending on environmental conditions and distance.  Depending on lighting conditions the DBAL’s 3.9mw illuminator is very usable between 75-100 yards.  This is well within the normal laser engagement distance for most users.

Pressure Pad / Dual Switch Compatibility

The Dual Beam Aiming Laser features two pressure pad ports.  One controls the function that the laser’s function switch is set to and the other is a visible override.  This allows users to quickly move from the IR spectrum to the visible spectrum by manipulating a pressure pad.  The A3 ships with two pressure pads.  One is a single lead to control either the selected laser function or the visible override.  The other pressure pad has two leads which is designed to be used in the visible override port on the unit and Steiner’s MK2 or MK3 tactical weapon lights.

The DBAL-A3 also is compatible with other common dual switches such as the Surefire SR-07, Unity Tactical TAPS, and Modlite’s Modbutton line.

Recommended Use

We recommend the DBAL-A3 as a great civilian laser option because of its relatively low cost and the ability to focus the IR illuminator.


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