Wilcox PVS-14 Protective Lens


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Wilcox PVS-14 Protective Lens

The Wilcox PVS-14 Protective Lens is an easy and affordable solution to protecting a PVS-14 objective lens.  These Wilcox sacrificial lenses are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant.  The Wilcox Protective Lens threads into the interior threads of any PVS-14 style objective lens.

The Wilcox protective lens is a three piece design consisting of two aircraft grade aluminum rings that house the lens.  This design makes the lenses easily replaceable if scratched or broken.  The lens also features an o-ring to lock out moisture and prevent fogging.

Other sacrificial lenses on the market are press fitted over the objective lens and can be knocked off since it is just held on by tension.  The Wilcox Protective Lens is much more rugged and will not be knocked off by mistake.  The Wilcox Protective Lens is very low profile and can be ran with other accessories, such as bikini covers.

We recommend sacrificial lenses to anyone that is using their night vision in harsh environments.  These are also great for users in humid environments where fog can be an issue.

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1 review for Wilcox PVS-14 Protective Lens

  1. John

    Works great and fits great on my pvs14 good peace of mind protecting the front glass and it was the best price I could find on the Wilcox protective lens in stock

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