RNVG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle)

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*additional tubes available upon request*


RNVG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle)

The RNVG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) is a fixed bridge binocular night vision goggle. The RNVG offers superior ruggedness and durability from a 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum housing. In addition to superior durability, the RNVG offers flexibility for power supply. Housings are available in AA & CR123 battery variants. RNVG’s also have the option to add an auxiliary power connector to the housing.  This gives the user the ability to run an external battery pack without having to use an anvis style mount.  This offers the user the ability to retain the ruggedness of a dovetail mounting system while running an external battery pack.

RNVGs use PVS-14 ocular and objective lenses.  This makes them familiar to many users and adjustable to each users eyesight.  Adjustable ocular lenses are very nice as eyesight can change over time.

We recommend the RNVG to users who do not have the need to be in and out of vehicles frequently.  We believe that if a user does not need an articulating unit, then the added durability of fixed bridge goggles is the way to go.  Overall the RNVG is an awesome affordable goggle that offers users great flexibility and durability.

Tube Specs


L3 Filmless White Phosphor – commercial spec:

  • FOM: 1800 avg.

L3 Filmless White Phosphor:

  • FOM: 2000 min.

L3 Filmless White Phosphor – High FOM:

  • FOM: 2400 min.
  • These units are hand selected for the absolute best image quality and spot spec.

Additional Resources

  • Check out the Wilcox G24 mount for the best helmet mount to attach your RNVG’s to your helmet.
  • Check out our Instagram for more content!

20.1 oz.


4.7in(L) x 4.2in(W) x 2.8in(H)


One AA or CR123 Battery, Optional External Battery Pack *on certain housings

Auxiliary Power Connection Port


Battery Life

-Approx. 16 hours on AA models
-Approx. 30 hours on CR123 models

1 review for RNVG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle)

  1. Mike498

    I consulted the wizards at LA for my first NVG purchase. They very wisely directed me into a set of L3 filmless WP RNVGs and I couldn’t be happier. The build quality is fantastic and mine have already been used for dozens of hours.You can’t go wrong with these

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