PVS-15 skins
PVS-15 Skins

PVS-15 Skins



Gearskin is an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with military standards. PVS-15 skins offer users a personalized camouflage solution for ever changing environments.  Because of the relatively low cost users can easily switch between multiple camo options.

Skins easily adapt to curves, adheres to various surfaces and has been tested in various field conditions. Due to their durability these PVS-15 skins repel water, oil, and acid.  They also feature an anti-soil treatment and are resistant to wear and creasing.

This is especially crucial as the PVS-15 housings stand out in almost every environment and is IR reflective. The skins eliminate most glare and enable efficient IR camouflage. The Gearskin precuts allow the users to simply swap the “skin” on their PVS-15 to match the camouflage they desire. The skins will break the contours of the NVG, allow for better grip in all conditions and add an additional layer of protection.

We recommend PVS-15 skins when users want to spice up their 15’s without permanetly modifying them.  They are great for Civilians, LE, and Military clients.  Please note that due to the variations of both single screw and three screw housings there may be some slight trimming to obtain proper fit.  If you have a three hole PVS-15c housing simply cut the connective strip connecting the material on both sides of the dovetail.

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