PVS-14 Sacrificial Lens


Sacrificial lenses are compatible with PVS-14, RNVG, and DTNVG (non anvis) systems.

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PVS-14 Sacrificial Lens

A PVS-14 Sacrificial lens protects any PVS-14 style objective lens from dirt and debris.  The sacrificial lens attaches by press fitting around the PVS-14 style objective lens.  Most night vision systems use PVS-14 objective lenses so these will work with RNVG’s, DTNVG’s (non anvis), PVS-14s, BNVD’s, and any other goggle with PVS-14 objective lenses.

Once a lens is scratched they must be replaced.  Sacrificial lenses are a great way to protect your investment from unnecessary damage and prevent unnecessary lens replacement.

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