KAC Ambi Safety Selector Kit


KAC PN: 25776

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KAC Ambi Safety Selector Kit

The Knights Armament Ambi Safety Selector Kit is an affordable upgrade to any AR platform rifle. The Knights Armament Ambi Safety Selector provides ambidextrous control to the shooter when manipulating their safety selector.

The KAC Ambi Safety includes 3 different right hand selector options to suit individual shooter preferences. Included in the kit is a full size right hand selector lever, as well as, a partially scalloped right hand selector.  In addition to the two included levers, the shooter has the option to use the right hand indicator that provides a visual indication to the rifles firing mode but no lever.  This customization allows the shooter to fit their rifle to their individual needs.

Installation is a simple, drop-in procedure that does not require a gunsmith. The Knights Ambi Safety Selector is compatible with both AR-15 and most AR10 platforms. This is a semi auto only safety selector and cannot be used with select fire weapons.

We recommend the KAC Ambi Safety Selector to any shooter who is running an AR15 or AR10 series of rifle.  In our opinion, these safety selectors are the most comfortable to run for extended periods of time and offer the most flexibility to the shooter.


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