Night Vision Compatible Holographic Weaponsight

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The EOTech EXPS3 is EOTech’s premier holographic weapon sight from their line of non-magnified optics.  The EOTech EXPS3 sits at a lower 1/3 height which allows shooters to still use iron sights. The EXPS3 offers 20 daylight brightness settings and 10 additional Night Vision Settings.  The EXPS3 has a very wide field of view allowing for very fast target acquisition both during the day and at night using passive aiming techniques.  The reticle can be tailored to ambient lighting conditions very well ranging from full sun to night time shooting.

The EOTech EXPS3 also has incredibly clear glass which shines when used in conjunction with night vision.  When looking through an optic with night vision the shooter has two lenses, an image intensifier tube, and the optic to look through to see their target.  This means that glass quality is a premium.  This is noticeable when comparing the EXPS3 to other optics in terms of clarity.

The EOTech EXPS3 also differs from other CQB optics as the EOTech has a true reticle versus just a dot.  This aids in acquiring sight picture and give the shooter reference points for hold overs at closer distances.  The EOTech reticle is a 1 Moa center dot with a 68 MOA circle with quadrant ticks at 3, 6, 9, and 12 O’Clock.  The reticle can be used to get rough range estimations on a man size target and accurately gauge holdovers when shooting closer distances than the rifle’s zero.

We recommend pairing a EOTech EXPS3 with a Surefire Scout Pro to set your rifle up for shooting fast both during the day and night.  The EOTech EXPS3 does very well at night with a WeaponLight.  This is a great start to building a rifle or shotgun that can be used effectively at night.

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