White Phosphor PVS-14
Elbit PVS-14
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Elbit PVS-14



Lead Times:

  • Elbit XLSH : approx. IN STOCK
  • Elbit YH Milspec Thin-Filmed White Phosphor Lead Time: 30-45 days

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Elbit PVS-14

The PVS-14 is one of the most economical and versatile night vision devices available.  A PVS-14 can be helmet mounted, rifle mounted, or used as a handheld device. When helmet mounted, the user has the option of choosing which eye they prefer to use with device. This leaves the user with one unaided eye. An unaided eye is beneficial in environments where the user must read ambient lighting conditions. As a result, the user has an increased ability to gauge true lighting conditions. Because of this the PVS-14 is an excellent choice for urban duty use and those seeking the versatility that a monocular brings.

We are frequently asked, “is a PVS-14 worth getting or should I wait to get Binos?”  Binocular night vision is amazing and has many benefits. However, PVS-14s have many uses and are a great cost effective way to see at night. PVS-14s are a very capable device and we think that they are a great way to get into night vision.

Gain Control

PVS-14s use 11769 style tubes.  11769 tubes have a gain lead off of the tube for manual gain.  This is a huge benefit when moving between varying lighting conditions as the brightness can be adjusted to the desired level.


Elbit Commercial Grade XLSH Thin Filmed White Phosphor:

  • FOM: 1,344  min.
  • Commercial Spot Spec: can have max 4 spots per tube larger larger than .003″.  Out of the maximum of allowable 4 spots per tube, a single zone 1 spot .003″-.006″ is acceptable.  Spots </= .003″ are acceptable per Elbit specification.
  • This option is a commercial grade tube that does not meet mil-spec acceptance testing.  These tubes could fail for a variety of reasons which is why they have a wide range of acceptable performance standards set by Elbit.  Examples of why these tubes fail mil-spec acceptance testing include, lower performance and/or spot spec.  We do not offer and hand select options for these tubes.  Although this option is built with a commercial grade tube we still use mil-spec optics and housing to provide the budget conscious consumer with a quality system that is built to the Licentia Arms standard.  We recommend this option for the customer looking for a quality built system that does not need or want to invest in a mil-spec system.

Elbit YH Mil-spec Thin Filmed White Phosphor:

  • FOM: 1,600  min.
  • Milspec Spot Spec: can have max 4 spots per tube larger than .003″ between zone 2 & 3, no spots in zone 1 larger than .003″.  Spots </= .003″ are acceptable per Elbit & military specification.

Additional Resources

  • Check out the Wilcox G24 & Wilcox Dovetail J-Arm for the best helmet mount to attach your PVS-14 to your helmet (must be paired with a Wilcox dovetail j-arm).
  • Check out our Instagram for more content!

Additional information


One Standard AA Battery


4.5″(L) x 2.0″(W) x 2.25″(H)

Battery Life

Approx. 50 hours




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