Echo Arms Fast Attach Mount


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The Echo Arms Fast Attach Mount allows attachment to a variety of M-LOK compatible accessories. Users can mount everything from flashlights to M1913 rail sections. The aggressive hook material on the bottom allows fast attachment and detachment of the accessory without the need for expensive mounting solutions.  Because the Fast Attach Mount attaches via velcro it is universal to all helmet types.

Having the ability to mount the Fast Attach mount anywhere there is velcro give the user the ability point the light in almost any direction.  A great example of when this is beneficial is when the user needs to light a room without blinding others.  Mounting the Fast Attach mount in the back of the helmet pointing up provides an umbrella light. This lights a room without blinding others.

We recommend the Echo Arms Fast Attach Mount for recreational shooter and hunters because of the flexibility the mount offers. When out after dark the ability to quickly take off your helmet light to use for admin tasks, mark down game for recovery, or use handheld is great.

This version ships with a Magpul 3 Slot polymer M1913 rail section included with the mount.

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